President’s Message

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the second quarter of 2019.  To those of you who attended either of our first two seminars this year: thank you!  To those who couldn’t attend, there are several other educational opportunities that will be available to you in the coming months.  On April 25th, Steve Roach will be presenting Advanced Land Valuation: Sound Solutions to Perplexing Problems.  That night, following the conclusion of the seminar, the chapter will be hosting an AI After Hours at SoHo Social in Homewood.  Even if you aren’t able to attend the seminar, you are welcome at the social event. The following day, on April 26th, the chapter will be hosting its second annual Valuation Symposium.  Both the seminar and the symposium will take place at Rosewood Hall in Homewood.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a great venue.  On June 28th, Dr. Randy Bell will be presenting Real Estate Damages.  This seminar, which will be in Orange Beach, will be followed by a catered fish fry for chapter members and their families.  Once again, even if you aren’t able to attend the seminar, you and your farmily are welcome to attend dinner.  Finally, on August 16th, Mike Tankersley will be presenting Rural Valuation Basics.  This seminar, which will be at the NaturePlex in Millbrook, includes a free lunch.  I recommend that all of you go to the chapter’s website ( for more information.

I continue to hear reports that nationally, the number of licensed appraisers is still declining.  Maybe Alabama is bucking the trend, but I’m glad to welcome Taylor McKenzie and Howard Barton, II, who are Practicing Affiliates, to our chapter.  In addition, Seve Gunter, Joseph Batrich, Thomas Boystun and Laura Leavell, are new Candidates for Designation.  Some of our members are clearly resistant to hiring trainees.  While I’ve heard a number of different reasons, at least one is the cost associated with training a new appraiser.  At the last Regional Meeting in Orlando, one of the attendees from North Carolina mentioned the availability of a program that provides payment subsidies for both trainee wages and education.  He had already utilized it for two trainees, and was in the process of hiring a third with the intention of using it again.  I can’t vouch for the program, but if you are thinking of hiring someone, I strongly encourage you to go the State of Alabama’s website ( and get more information on this program.


On April 1st, our chapter began the transition to the Chapter Financial Management and Administrative Program (CFMAP).  Although your board chose to make this transition voluntarily, AI national has since mandated that all chapters must participate.  Local chapters will continue to be responsible for developing their own budget which includes deciding how our money will be spent.  The biggest change with CFMAP is that national will now be responsible for generating the checks and for the accounting work that is necessary.  It’s too early to see how CFMAP will work, but I am optimistic about it, and so far so good.


Thank you for your continued support of the Alabama Chapter and its activities.  If anyone has any questions about what is going on either locally or nationally, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the chapter officers.

Christopher Pettey, Sr., MAI, SRA