Discover the Magic: What Is There to Do in Montgomery, Alabama?

Alabama State Capitol

Montgomery, Alabama, a city rich in history, culture, and Southern charm, offers a plethora of activities for visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or someone who loves outdoor adventures, the question of “what is there to do in Montgomery, Alabama?” has many exciting answers. Let’s dive into the top five things to do in this vibrant city.

1. Step Back in Time at The Civil Rights Memorial Center

Civil Rights Memorial Center

Montgomery, known for its pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, houses the Civil Rights Memorial Center. This center, designed by Maya Lin, is a deeply moving tribute to those who fought for equality.


The Civil Rights Memorial Center is conveniently located at 400 Washington Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104. Its strategic location in Montgomery holds immense historical significance, as the city played a central role in the Civil Rights Movement. Montgomery is home to numerous landmarks and sites associated with the movement, making it an ideal destination for those interested in exploring this crucial chapter in American history.

Admission Fee

To gain access to The Civil Rights Memorial Center, there is a nominal admission fee. As of the latest information available, the admission fee is $2 for adults. However, it’s important to note that children under the age of 12 can enter the center for free, making it a family-friendly destination. This affordable pricing ensures that a visit to the center is accessible to a wide range of visitors, including students, families, and history enthusiasts.

Highlights of The Civil Rights Memorial Center

The Civil Rights Memorial Center offers a comprehensive and interactive experience that allows visitors to engage with the heroes and events of the Civil Rights Movement. Here are some of the key highlights you can expect during your visit:

AspectCivil Rights Memorial Center Features
Maya Lin’s Architectural MasterpieceDesigned by Maya Lin, acclaimed for her Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Modern and symbolic architecture provides an ideal backdrop for exhibits.
The Civil Rights MemorialCenterpiece featuring a circular black granite table with names of Civil Rights Movement victims, with flowing water for reflection.
Interactive ExhibitsMultimedia exhibits immersing visitors in Civil Rights history through firsthand accounts, photos, videos, and more.
Heroes of the Civil Rights MovementTributes and information about key figures like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X, showcasing their contributions.
Educational ProgramsOffers educational programs and resources for students, teachers, and researchers to deepen understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.
Visitor EngagementEncourages dialogue and engagement through discussions, questions, and interactions with knowledgeable staff and fellow visitors.

2. Explore the Wonders of the Montgomery Zoo


For those wondering what is there to do in Montgomery, Alabama for animal lovers, the Montgomery Zoo is a must-visit. Home to over 700 animals from five different continents, it’s a journey through the animal kingdom.


The Montgomery Zoo is conveniently situated at 2301 Coliseum Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36110. This location offers easy access for both locals and tourists, making it a popular choice for a day of family fun or solo exploration. The zoo’s proximity to other attractions and amenities in Montgomery ensures that visitors can plan a well-rounded itinerary for their trip.

Admission Fee

To experience the wonders of the Montgomery Zoo, there are admission fees based on age categories. As of the latest available information, here are the admission rates:

  • Adults (13-64 years): $15
  • Children (3-12 years): $11
  • Seniors (65+ years): $13

These rates make the zoo accessible to a wide range of visitors, including families, seniors, and individuals. Children aged 2 and under typically enjoy free admission, adding to the family-friendly appeal of the Montgomery Zoo. Keep in mind that admission fees are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the official website or contact the zoo for the most up-to-date pricing.

Highlights of the Montgomery Zoo

The Montgomery Zoo offers a captivating and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Here are some of the standout attractions and features you can expect to encounter during your visit:

AspectMontgomery Zoo Features
African Elephant ExhibitUp-close observation of majestic elephants, learning about their behavior, habitat, and conservation efforts.
Giraffe Feeding ExperienceInteractive opportunity to feed giraffes, creating memorable moments and getting closer to these graceful animals.
Animal HabitatsDiverse habitats mimicking natural environments worldwide, allowing exploration of various ecosystems and animal observation.
Aviaries and Bird ExhibitsColorful and exotic bird species from around the world, providing insights into avian biodiversity and conservation.
Interactive Educational ProgramsGuided tours, animal encounters, and wildlife talks enhancing understanding of the animal kingdom and conservation awareness.
Play Areas and AmenitiesDesignated play areas and picnic spots for families with children, offering convenient relaxation and energy-burning opportunities.
Special EventsRegularly hosted events like Zoo Brew and Boo at the Zoo, providing unique experiences often themed around holidays or specific animal species.

3. Uncover Artistic Treasures at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Art enthusiasts pondering what is there to do in Montgomery, Alabama, will find their haven at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. It showcases an impressive collection of American art and sculptures.


The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is conveniently located at 1 Museum Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117. Its strategic placement ensures that both residents and visitors have easy access to the museum, making it a desirable destination for art lovers of all backgrounds. The museum’s serene surroundings and architectural design create an inviting atmosphere for those seeking a cultural escape.

Admission Fee

One of the most notable aspects of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is that it offers free admission to all visitors. This inclusive policy allows individuals and families to explore the world of art without financial constraints. Whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur or a curious beginner, the museum’s commitment to accessibility ensures that everyone can appreciate its artistic treasures.

Highlights of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts offers a wealth of artistic experiences and educational opportunities. Here are some of the standout features and attractions you can expect to encounter during your visit:

AspectMontgomery Museum of Fine Arts Features
Impressive Art CollectionDiverse range of American art across various periods and styles, showcasing the rich tapestry of American artistic expression.
Sculpture GardenTranquil outdoor oasis with captivating sculptures, blending art and nature for a picturesque experience.
ARTWORKS GalleryInteractive space for hands-on learning experiences, engaging visitors of all ages, and encouraging creativity and exploration.
Temporary ExhibitionsRegularly hosts diverse temporary exhibitions, offering fresh perspectives and new discoveries with each visit.
Educational ProgramsOffers art classes, workshops, lectures, and guided tours for both children and adults, promoting a deeper appreciation for art and culture.
Special EventsOrganizes art festivals, cultural celebrations, and community outreach initiatives throughout the year, fostering community engagement.
Museum Store and CaféFeatures an art-related merchandise store and an on-site café for visitors to relax and enjoy refreshments.

4. Relish the Great Outdoors at the Riverfront Park

Riverfront park

Riverfront Park is a perfect blend of natural beauty and entertainment for those seeking what is there to do in Montgomery, Alabama outdoors. From concerts to boat rides on the Alabama River, it’s an ideal spot for relaxation and fun.


Riverfront Park is conveniently located at 355 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104. Its strategic placement in downtown Montgomery ensures that it is easily accessible to residents and tourists alike. The park’s scenic riverside location provides a serene setting for a variety of outdoor activities and events.

Admission Fee

One of the most appealing aspects of Riverfront Park is that it offers free admission to the public. Visitors can enjoy the park’s natural beauty, walking trails, and open spaces without any cost. However, it’s important to note that certain special events and activities held within the park may have associated fees. These events, such as concerts or boat rides, may require ticket purchases or admission charges, so it’s advisable to check the park’s official website or event listings for specific pricing details.

Highlights of Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park offers a diverse range of outdoor experiences and recreational opportunities. Here are some of the standout features and attractions you can look forward to during your visit:

AspectRiverfront Park Features
Scenic River ViewsBreathtaking panoramic views of the Alabama River and the surrounding landscape. Ideal for leisurely strolls, picnics, and relaxation.
Walking TrailsWell-maintained trails winding through lush green spaces, perfect for walking, jogging, and enjoying nature’s beauty.
PlaygroundsSafe and enjoyable play areas for children to have fun and expend energy.
Outdoor EventsHosts various outdoor events and concerts featuring local and national talent, fostering community togetherness through live entertainment.
Harriott II RiverboatIconic riverboat offering dining and entertainment cruises on the Alabama River, featuring delicious meals, live music, and scenic river views.
Picnic Areas and SheltersEquipped with picnic areas and shelters, enhancing the park’s suitability for picnics, family gatherings, and outdoor dining.
Fitness StationsOutdoor fitness stations for staying active while enjoying the fresh air.
Historical LandmarksHome to historical landmarks and monuments, providing opportunities for learning about Montgomery’s history and the region.

5. Dive into History at the Alabama State Capitol

A visit to the historic Alabama State Capitol is essential for anyone wanting to understand what is there to do in Montgomery, Alabama, regarding history. It’s the site where the Confederacy was formed and where the Selma to Montgomery marches ended.


The Alabama State Capitol is prominently located at 600 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, AL 36130. Its central placement in Montgomery underscores its historical importance as the seat of Alabama’s government. Visitors will find that its accessibility within the city allows for a comprehensive exploration of the area’s historical and cultural offerings.

Admission Fee

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Alabama State Capitol is that it offers free admission to all visitors. This inclusive policy ensures that individuals, families, and history enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the state’s history without financial barriers. Whether you are a student of history or simply curious about Alabama’s past, the Alabama State Capitol welcomes all with open doors.

Highlights of the Alabama State Capitol

The Alabama State Capitol offers a wealth of historical significance and educational experiences. Here are some of the standout features and attractions you can expect to encounter during your visit:

AspectHistorical Significance
Alabama State CapitolSite of Alabama’s secession from the Union in 1861 and a key location in the Civil Rights Movement, including the Selma to Montgomery marches led by Martin Luther King Jr.
RotundaMagnificent architectural feature with an impressive dome, housing informative exhibits about Alabama’s history.
Historical MuralsDepict significant events in Alabama’s history, providing visual narratives of the state’s past.
Guided ToursKnowledgeable guides offer insights into the Capitol’s history, architecture, and role in Alabama’s history.
Legislative ChambersVisitors can explore where state laws are debated and passed, gaining insight into Alabama’s government.
Governor’s OfficeLocated within the Capitol, it signifies the building’s ongoing importance in Alabama’s governance. May not always be accessible to the public.
Historical MonumentsCapitol grounds feature monuments and markers honoring key figures and events in Alabama’s history.
Educational ProgramsOffers educational programs for schools and groups to engage with the state’s history interactively.


Montgomery, Alabama, is a city where history and modernity converge, offering a diverse array of activities and experiences. From exploring the depths of the Civil Rights Movement to enjoying a day with wildlife, Montgomery has something for everyone. The answer to “what is there to do in Montgomery, Alabama?” is filled with history, culture, and adventure, making it a must-visit destination for all.


Q: What is the best time to visit Montgomery, Alabama?

A: Spring and fall offer pleasant weather, perfect for exploring outdoor attractions.

Q: Are there any family-friendly activities in Montgomery?

A: Absolutely! The Montgomery Zoo and Riverfront Park are great for families.

Q: Can I find good dining options in Montgomery?

A: Yes, Montgomery boasts a variety of dining options, from Southern comfort food to international cuisines.

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