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Welcome to the Alabama Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and thank you for visiting. We are one of 84 chapters of the Appraisal Institute serving valuation professionals throughout the State of Alabama. We invite you to attend one of our chapter meetings or educational offerings, and we encourage you to investigate the benefits of joining the Appraisal Institute, a global association of nearly 25,000 real estate appraisers. If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

Attacking & Defending an Appraisal in Litigation @ Rosewood Hall
Jan 24 @ 8:30 am – Jan 25 @ 5:00 pm

Purpose of the Course

The seminar is designed to assist attorneys, appraisers and real estate professionals with valuation and other real estate appraisal questions in the context of litigation. The seminar is two days and offers the professional models to testify, procedural and evidentiary basics, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, and appraisal theory that is often misunderstood or misapplied.

Relevance of the Course

After years of experience and discussions with past students and attorneys that have been involved in cases, it is evident that there are common mistakes and misunderstandings concerning appraisal and consulting roles and applications of law and practice in the courts. There are literally billions of dollars in real estate cases in the country involving condemnation, property tax, leases, divorce, insurance claims and other settings where value and real estate consulting is an issue. However, there are very few quality seminars that help the attorney and real estate professional be a professional in a case. This seminar gives timely advice on how to be ethical and make sure the attorney is ethical. It also helps the participant keep the theory accurate in application and not fall for tricks that, until this seminar, have been learned largely by experience only after causing significant loss to a client.

Learning Objectives

1. To understand models of testifying
2. To understand commonly misapplied ethics within USPAP and conflicts with attorney ethics
3. To understand commonly misapplied standards within USPAP
4. To understand commonly misapplied Jurisdictional Exception considerations within USPAP and when they are at odds with attorney ethics and considerations
5. To understand common errors within the Cost Approach
6. To understand common errors within the Income Approach
7. To understand common errors within the Sales Comparison Approach
8. To understand the division between a legal and appraisal (fact) question
9. To understand the need for being objective, but adversarial (the attorney) throughout the litigation process
10. Understanding the legal & practical qualifying of an expert as well as when a potential job should be turned down
11. To understand Evidence rules that may apply to an attorney and appraiser
12. To know the difference between testifying & consulting witnesses
13. To be able to apply checklists in the process of providing appraisal or consulting services
14. To be able to offer better reporting and file contents
15. To understand when an “appraisal”, “review”, or “consulting service” is being offered

Registration: 8:00am, Seminar: 8:30am-5:00pm

Instructor: Ted Whitmer,  MAI AI-GRS CRE CCIM AQB Certified USPAP Instructor served on the TALCB and was vice chairman of the Board. Ted is a Certified General Appraiser, licensed as a lawyer with the State of Texas and as a Real Estate Broker. Education includes a B.A. from Stephen F. Austin State University, an M.B.A. from Texas A&M University and a J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center.

AI Price: $495, Standard Price: $595

Approved for 16 Hrs CE Credit Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved for 9 Hrs CE Credit Alabama Real Estate Commission
Approved for 16 Hrs CE Credit Mississippi Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved for 16 Hrs CE Credit Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved for 16 Hrs CE Credit Georgia Real Estate Commission
Approved for 16 Hrs CE Credit Tennessee Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved for 16 Hrs CE Credit Florida Real Estate Appraisers Board

Approved for Attorneys: This course or a portion thereof has been approved by the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission of Alabama for a maximum of 16 hours’ credit, including 0 hours of ethics.

Forest Valuation Part II @ NaturePlex
Feb 22 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

The purpose of the seminar is to help appraisers understand that it is essential to have a fundamental knowledge of the timber market in order to perform competent forestland appraisal assignments (even if working with a consulting forester). It is also aimed at helping Foresters understand appraisal requirements and what goes into a forestland appraisal.

This will be a continuation of the seminar that Morgan taught in 2016. You do not need to have taken the first part to attend this seminar. If you did take the first class, there is much more to learn in this seminar.

Part of this seminar will include a demonstration out doors at the NaturePlex for some hands-on instruction.

Learning Objectives of this Seminar
• To Comply with the COMPETENCY RULE of USPAP
• Recognize the difference between timberland
and “timbered” land
• Converse effectively with foresters and buyers
and sellers of timberland
• Identify the difference between market value of timber, contributory value of timber, and excess
timber value
•Recognize the importance of forestry in the United States, especially the Southeast
•Identify common forestry terms relating to timber and timberland values

Morgan Mellette, MAI ACE
Morgan graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Forest Management. He worked as a procurement forester for Southland Timber Company in Augusta, Georgia, before starting his own forestry consulting business in 1979. Morgan’s primary interests are in the valuation of timber, timberland, conservation easements, rural properties, and ecologically significant and protected forestland. He is a registered forester and land surveyor in Georgia and South Carolina, and a certified general real estate appraiser in Georgia. He is a member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI), the Society of American Foresters, the Association of Consulting Foresters, and the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia.

Schedule: 8:30am-4:30pm
Registration: 8:00am

Registration Includes a BBQ Lunch

Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Georgia Real Estate Commission

Approved for Forestry Education Credit: AL RF-Cat 3: 5 hours

Advanced Land Valuation: Sound Solutions to Perplexing Problems @ Rosewood Hall
Apr 25 all-day

By examining unusual and complex land valuation assignments, this seminar takes concepts covered in the Appraisal Institute curriculum to the next level. Besides lecture, discussion, and Q&A, sample case studies will demonstrate, primarily in Excel, conceptual and practical applications that participants will be able to incorporate into their day-to-day work. Suggested solution strategies for these assignments will be provided.

Upon completion of the seminar, participants should be able to

  • Utilize a land residual technique based on a DCF analysis to value land intended for two alternative competing uses (“for rental” apartments versus “for-sale” condos).
  • Determine the highest and best use of land when the legally permissible, physically possible, and financially feasible use(s) are very uncertain and cannot be determined using traditional methodologies.
  • Determine land value when its value is a function of a curvilinear relationship with its appropriate unit of comparison (in this case the value of land suitable for apartment development as a function of density).
  • Determine land rent using a non-traditional unit of comparison (in this case land rental value based on average traffic volume).
  • Estimate the value of land subject to a long-term ground lease with multiple forms of financial benefits accruing to the land owner.

Instructor: Stephen Roach, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS

AI Fee: $195, Standard Fee: $215

Approved 7 Hrs CE Credit Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
Approved 6 Hrs CE Credit Alabama Real Estate Commission


Consider staying over an extra day and attending the 2nd Annual Valuation Symposium to be held at Rosewood Hall that Friday April 26th.

We are excited to welcome back Steve Roach, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, KC Conway, MAI,  Chief Economist for the CCIM Institute, and Director of Research & Corporate Engagement with the Alabama Center for Real Estate,  and  John Norris, Managing Director of Wealth and Investments for Oakworth Capital Bank.  It is also a true honor to announce that two former Alabama Chapter members will be returning to Birmingham to speak for us in 2019:  Dr. Alan Tidwell, Associate Professor of Finance and Alabama Association of Realtors Chair of Real Estate Culverhouse College of Business, University of Alabama, Brian Hilson President and Chief Executive Officer of the Birmingham Business Alliance and Joel Baxley, MAI, Administrator of Rural Housing Services, for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Aloft Hotel is across the street from Rosewood Hall. There is a group rate of $139+tax per night. Deadline to book is April 3, 2019. Call to register at 1-877-822-1111, ask for Alabama Chapter Appraisal Institute April Meeting or Click Here. Rate is good for 4/24, 4/25, 2019


Real Estate Damages @ Orange Beach Community Center
Jun 21 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

We are excited to have the man who wrote the book on appraising damaged property Dr. Randall Bell, MAI a socio-economist and the CEO of Landmark Research Group, LLC. Man made and natural disasters damage or destroy numerous properties each year, which in turn create valuation – or diminution-in-value issues for appraisers. This includes environmental, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and so forth. This seminar, will cover the basic components of appraising damaged real estate, and examine the valuations methodologies in general. Dr. Bell has consulted on the World Trade Center, the Flight 93 Crash Sites, the BP Oil Spill, Hurricane Katrina, the Nuclear Testing on the Bikini Atoll and several tragedies including Jon Benet Ramsey, OJ Simpson and the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide mansion. His research has taken him to all 50 states and the seven continents.

Instructor: Dr. Randall Bell, PhD, MBA, MAI

Dr. Bell specializes in real estate damage economics and valuation. This includes environmental, geotechnical, construction defects, natural disasters, eminent domain and other conditions involving a wide variety of property types. He is experienced in complex valuation and diminution-in-value studies and damage issues for government, major corporations, oil and utility companies and property owners. He is licensed in various states and has testified as an expert in multiple courts. He is the author of numerous books including “Real Estate Damages” 3rd edition.

Schedule: 9:00am-5:00pm
Registration: 8:30am

Registration includes a Catered Fish Fry Dinner for two starting at 6:00pm at the seminar location. (Extra guest $10 a person or $20 for family due at dinner).

Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Alabama RE Appraiser Board
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Mississippi Appraisal Board
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Florida RE Appraisers Board
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Georgia Real Estate Appraiser Board
Approved for 7 hours CE Credit Georgia Real Estate Commission
Approved for 6 hours CE Credit Alabama Real Estate Commission


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