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2015 Classroom Education Schedule

Montgomery-April 9-"Business Practice and Ethics"-Chuck Crider, MAI
This course addresses topics that were not included in the previous version, such as the Guide Notes to Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Numerous Q&As address real-life, up-to-date matters that appraisers encounter in various assignments, including mortgage lending, litigation, property tax appeal, and many more.The course contains relevant and much-needed information for professional appraisers.

Approved For:
4 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
3 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Commission
**The seminar is a 7-hr seminar but AQB approved this for only 4 hrs credit due to some content being specific to the Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Institute Fee: $195
Full Fee: $215

*Package Price Both Seminars: “Business Practice & Ethics” (April 9) and “Report Writing the Right Way” (April 10) - AI Price $350, Full Price: $370*

 Montgomery-April 10-"Report Writing the Right Way"-Chuck Crider, MAI

The report writing process is separate from the appraisal process. In performing the evaluation, the appraiser tries to discover the truth objectively and to arrive at a conclusion about value. The appraiser does not know the answer until the process is complete. On the other hand, the report writing process begins with the answer. The appraiser’s task is to convey the value conclusion persuasively and clearly to the client, while fulfilling all professional requirements. The appraisal profession has demonstrated a serious commitment to the rigorous process of careful and exact communication. The challenge to most appraisers is presenting the information clearly, accurately and convincingly.

Approved For:
7.5 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
6.0 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Commission

Appraisal Institute Fee: $195
Full Fee: $215

Location: Montgomery Association of Realtors-4280 Carmichael Road
Registration begins at 8:00am, Seminar Begins at 8:30am

Fun In The Sun Summer Seminar-Orange Beach-June 19
"Staying Out of Trouble"-Ted Whimer, MAI, CRE, CCIM, Attorney

Staying Out of Trouble is a seminar to enhance the everyday practice of a real estate appraiser. The one day seminar covers real estate law and practice every appraiser should be familiar with. The seminar was developed because of common errors noted from defending appraisers in Texas Appraiser Licensing & Appraisal Board enforcement cases and consulting with attorneys and appraisers on civil and criminal cases by the author. Topics include Real Estate Licensing laws and rules and their pitfalls.  Also, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice common errors and their corrections are presented as well as common sense fixes to the common errors.

**Registration includes dinner for two at Fish Fry Dinner starting at 6:00pm at the seminar location. (Extra guest $10 a person or $20 for family)
Dinner catered by Chet’s Seafood of Pensacola-Winner of Best of the Coast for the last 3 years

Approved For:
7 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
6 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Commission
7 hrs CE Credit-Mississippi Appraisers Board

Appraisal Institute Fee: $195**
Full Fee: $215**

Location: Orange Beach Community Center-27235 Canal Road
Registration begins at 8:00am, Seminar Begins at 8:30am

Huntsville-August 7-"2014-2015 USPAP Update"-Mark Smeltzer, SRA

This one-day update course, copyrighted by The Appraisal Foundation, focuses on recent changes to USPAP requirements for ethical behavior and competent performance by appraisers. The course, which clarifies several commonly misunderstood aspects of USPAP, will aid appraisers in all areas of appraisal practice seeking updated competency in USPAP, including those subject to state licensing or certification and continuing education requirements imposed by professional organizations, client groups, or employers.

NOTE: An appraiser must successfully complete the 7-hour USPAP Update Course every two years to meet the USPAP continuing education requirement.

Course price does not include a copy of the 2014-2015 USPAP, which is required for course credit. Must be Purchased by Student and you must bring your own copy of the 2014-2015 USPAP to class. To purchase a copy from The Appraisal Foundation go to (will not receive credit without course material).

Approved For:
7 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board
6 hrs CE Credit-Alabama Real Estate Commission

Appraisal Institute Fee: $195
Full Fee: $215

Huntsville Area Association of Realtors-535 Monroe Street
Registration begins at 8:00am, Seminar Begins at 8:30am

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